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1.) Is a color in the 520-570 nm (nanometer) range.
Green is created by mixing the color yellow and blue.
2.) Green can also refer to environmental friendliness
3.) Reference to Life
1.) That wall is painted green
2.) That company just went green by being enviromentally friendly
3.) Green all around us
by I_Destoy_All September 06, 2010
1. To be ready or pumped

2. The same as sick, cool, sweet, good...
1. 'You green for the party tonight?'

2. 'Jamie's party last night was totally green'
by DocT1! April 28, 2010
1. a color.

2. marijuana.

3. envyness. hatin. jealousy.

1. my favorite color is green.

2. nigga, less' go smoke sum green.

3. dat nigga green as hell cuz i got my new j's on.
by courtney money talk nigga mu a January 10, 2009
A person who when drinks too much becomes mean spirited. Generally refers to middle aged men who are not happy with their life and take it out on other people or themselves.
Robert- " He's lost it man, he's so green I hope he does'nt think he can drive a car." John-"He Can get pretty green if you try to stop him from drinking"
by Sargeknowsall September 23, 2008
to be new at something
frequently used in the military
In boot camp, all soldiers are green.
by crmson July 01, 2005
In professional wrestling, if someone is green, it means they are new and still act like a rookie.
"In 1994, Hayabusa was as green as a leaf."
by Sezril February 02, 2004
Something that is messed up and not ok.
Myles Sampson, you ate my chicken 'n waffles. That is so green bro.
by HotCookie69 April 02, 2013