Another word for underwear.
Your greens are showin'.
by Jefferson Daniels May 23, 2005
when givin the first hit from marijuana.
friend-"here's greens man"
you-"thanks man"
you-take first hit of the packed bowl
by geekokid August 21, 2011
Money, particularly referencing American currency (the greenback). Similar to 'bills'. See also flash my greens.
Someone dressing well to impress others may refer to their behaviour as "flashing their greens". And they may describe their wallet or bank account as being "fresh out of greens" after purchasing the impressive clothing.
by Martron January 14, 2007
Money, cash, cream, cheese, etc.
"and pimps be on a mission for them greens"- Dr. Dre (California love)
by bojzzle October 02, 2004
slang for marijauna.
Me: yo man, you got any greens?

Dealer: yah man, how much you need?
by bblz January 28, 2006
Collard Greens, soul food staple
Big Mama: ooooh honey chile i goan make youz up some greens an fried chicken.

Me: dats right big mama!
by Busy Bone August 12, 2003
the first hit on a bowl of marijuana; another word for cool or attractive
"you want greens?cus you cant have em"
"that chick is hella greens"
by plinetwozero February 03, 2004

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