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To epic fail, usually in a manner that lets someone down. Named after the infamous Goal-keeper blunder made by England's Robert Green in World Cup 2010 against the U.S.
Wow what a Green.

Way to go Bob Green.

Man you're looking Green today.

Way to pull a Green.
by Socca1927 June 25, 2010
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An unknown person who, based on their appearance, seems to be rich.
Look at the outfit, you know she's green.
by FLinSC February 08, 2010
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inexperience in horses and riders.
IE: A green horse that is still new to being ridden or a green rider who is still new to riding
by hardcorebarrelgirl09 March 11, 2009
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Something new and Fresh
Hey, check out the green at Café Chat yo.
by F. Jord March 09, 2006
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skunk or grass, the better alternative to resin. see weed
make yourself useful and grind up this green for me
by SK September 09, 2004
1 1
an adjective used to describe someone or something who is rich, loaded, or even "all trumped up"
1.) yo nuckka, that paris hilton is one green playa.

2.) carla is jump as hell by the wayyyy
by gangmasta ice July 26, 2004
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Something that's either really good or really bad from context.
Fred: My girlfriend just dumped me for my bestfriend
Bob: That's green man
by aes January 10, 2004
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