The act of replacing adequate supplies of convenient things with inadequate supplies of inconvenient substitutes, while using the environment as an excuse. Initially, the "green" movement was noble and had strong principles, but the movement has degraded into a eco-social means of making people feel guilty enough to spend more money.
"Now that our office has gone green, how come I can't find a coffee cup any more?!?"
by Sir Dwizzle August 12, 2012
Depending on the persons usage of a word when they say " Green " usually meaning fake , two-faced ETC
" Chris is so green "
by ChyMoney March 29, 2015
Greens may refer to the very first hit from the bowl of a smoking pipe when all the weed is still green.
Friend: "Yo, want greens?"
You: "Yeah bruh."
by GuestUser1337 July 24, 2014
Something that is messed up and not ok.
Myles Sampson, you ate my chicken 'n waffles. That is so green bro.
by HotCookie69 April 02, 2013
To be ignorant or too young to know much.
He's too green to know.
by Judge dredd7 January 24, 2012
1) the greatest color in the world
2) the name for a movement that was designed to help save life on planet earth which has just become a way for people to save money that is socially beneficial to them
1) I love that green shirt!
2) I'm trying to save the polar bears, its a complete coincidence I got a hybrid when the economy collapsed
by urban realist October 31, 2011
Punnish title indicating someone with a false authority on "slang".

Etymology: Jonathon Green, famous British lexicographer of slang, who says the Urban Dictionary is amateur hour for slang artists.
He thought he was a slang pro, but he was just green.
by nerfo April 10, 2011
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