The act of replacing adequate supplies of convenient things with inadequate supplies of inconvenient substitutes, while using the environment as an excuse. Initially, the "green" movement was noble and had strong principles, but the movement has degraded into a eco-social means of making people feel guilty enough to spend more money.
"Now that our office has gone green, how come I can't find a coffee cup any more?!?"
by Sir Dwizzle August 12, 2012
1. To be ready or pumped

2. The same as sick, cool, sweet, good...
1. 'You green for the party tonight?'

2. 'Jamie's party last night was totally green'
by DocT1! April 28, 2010
Green is a color that means horny. Usually used for describing yourself or someone else.
1. Sora (Not from KH. Me and my friends have Japanese nicknames.): I like the color green cause I'm dark green!!!
2. That girl over there looks super green.
by Rinko May 20, 2009
1. a color.

2. marijuana.

3. envyness. hatin. jealousy.

1. my favorite color is green.

2. nigga, less' go smoke sum green.

3. dat nigga green as hell cuz i got my new j's on.
by courtney money talk nigga mu a January 10, 2009
a word that when thrown on a product label drives up the price by at least 300%. helps people feel better about driving suburbans and hummers.
try our new green paper. its made from trees so it helps the enviroment!
by Chris0123 December 04, 2008
to be new at something
frequently used in the military
In boot camp, all soldiers are green.
by crmson July 01, 2005
Green is a secondary colour made from the primary colours, Blue and Yellow.
Blue: The colour of the sky on a clear day.
Yellow: The colour of the sun.
Mixed together=
Green: Living grass, trees or any other nature. Especially in Tasmanian Rainforests....
Green is an awesome colour!

(No Americans, not color, colour!)
*Looks at strict principals back garden next door* Wow, the grass really is greener on the other side.
Person:Green is an awesome colour, the colour of mother nature!
Person 2: Ikr! It's an amazing natural, calm and soothing irish, lucky colour.
by MrsGreenPattinsonSpelling Nerd September 30, 2012
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