The act of replacing adequate supplies of convenient things with inadequate supplies of inconvenient substitutes, while using the environment as an excuse. Initially, the "green" movement was noble and had strong principles, but the movement has degraded into a eco-social means of making people feel guilty enough to spend more money.
"Now that our office has gone green, how come I can't find a coffee cup any more?!?"
by Sir Dwizzle August 12, 2012
a color that is not the color of the sky or of a goat. goats eat green things, but they are not green.
i turn green when i eat popcorn.
by Someone who you dont know November 03, 2006
lame, retared, crazy, stupid, or just out cha box
tyrone: lets go snorkeling amber: nigga, u so green
by kay kay n reeree October 29, 2004
A slang word we use here in Birmingham for weed
You picking up a green tonight?
by Deckmaster171 May 27, 2006
a golf cource or boogies
golfing on the green
by moi ami October 20, 2003
a deep spiritual connection between the closest of friends, derived from a blog quiz that associates colors reminding poeple of other people. green is the symbol, in the test, for the person you'd know for the rest of your life.
"we're so green." "that we are."
by Jake Throckmorton October 05, 2005
you stupid fucks it means getting so wrecked on weed you cant stand up and you puke all over your bird, usually accompanied with 'out' so this would make 'green out'
hahahaha matty and john bunned so much weed last night they was greening out
by plop April 10, 2004
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