a drink made from the plant species Camellia sinensis. it is more oxidized than white tea but less than oolong tea and black tea.
green tea is a true tea. don't believe those filthy vegan hippies that try to sell you "licorice tea" or some other crap that's made from the marijuana plant.
by Phil November 06, 2006
Top Definition
An Asian variety of tea named for its green color. Amazingly, this tea is mind-blowingly healthy in about every aspect. Even fights Cancer.
At the sushi bar, they served me green tea. After drinking it, I felt somewhat rejuvenated!
by BB48 October 21, 2005
Green tea is the new aloe.
Green tea can cure cancer, lupus, shingles, and hemroids.

Barberess at Hairkuttery: Would you like the tea tree shampoo?
Contra-Dictionarian: What's that?
Barberess at Hairkuttery: Green tea is the new aloe.
Contra-Dictionarian: Sweet - maybe that will cure my crabs.
by Mandingoe April 08, 2006
A drink that gets you pumped.
Rico: "I'm freakin' pumped! I've been drinking green tea all goddamn day!"
by Richardson April 07, 2008
n. When you come to a conclusion or agreement with the person or persons you are having a conversation with.
Homeboy: Yo nigga you got dat dro or what?
Me: Greentea mo'fucka
syn. = guarantee, for sure
by Nik Hoyt November 01, 2007
When you are around your parents and or someone where its not appropriate to talk about sex, you substiute the word "sex" with the word "green tea."
Chelsea: "Bobby, how was your green tea last night??"
Bobby: "It was amazing! The best green tea I've ever had!"
by fuckerrr34 July 31, 2008
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