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A non-U.S. citizen attempting to seduce an American into marriage solely for the purpose of acquiring a green card (compare: gold digger).
I dunno dude, Hildegarde is mad hot for you, but I'd watch your passport--I think the girl's a green digger.
by dedelus January 20, 2009
19 5
A girl who hangs out with you for the sole purpose of smoking your dankies.
" Nah, I don't know if I wanna hang out with her today, she is kind of a green digger I am always out of weed after we hang out."
by GREENDIGGA December 15, 2009
13 2
someone who uses an admirer to acquire weed without paying, with no intentions of ever paying or accepting advances.

aka, a potwhore
Dude, that girl gets free weed from that freshman dealer. What a greendigger!!!
by greendiggaaaaa July 15, 2009
6 0
A female that acquires cannibis due to her gender, as males will always be willing to get females high.
Clayton: "Hey Kelsey, how do you always get away with smoking for free?"
Kelsey: "Just because I have a vagina doesn't make me a green-digger!"
by Poke Smot A Lot February 12, 2009
1 1