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A very true statement about an idiot who has no freinds and can't get a date. If you've got a problem with that bitch, I don't give a fuck.

Hey man, Tool's right.
Hey, bitch, fuck yourself. Oh, sorry, your ass even rejected you. OOPS! I bet you're just a sorry ass that sits at home alone, typing up retarded articles because it's the only way to get noticed. And I wouldn't be talking about Billie Joe. You got rejected by your ass. You bitch.

(NOTE: All words are directed to the bitch that thinks Green Day sucks in the article above.)
a very true statement about an overrated horrible band who can't play an instrument or sing. If you've got a problem with that, screw.
Tool- Hey man, Green Day kicks ass!
Me- Hey tool, fuck yourself up the ass because no one else will except Billie Joe Armstrong! Green Day sucks!
by ghetto sphinx March 01, 2005