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1) a female who truely believes she is God's gift to men
2) a female who happens to be naive to the rest of the public's hatred towards her
3) a female who is really pretty on the outside, but really ugly on the inside, and uses it to her advantage to crush a male's spirit
4) a female that males can't seem to get over, even after the female treats them like crap/crushes their spirit/publicly humiliates them
"I can't stand her - she's such a green chick!"

"Can you believe she did that to him? I never thought of her as being such a green chick."

Girl 1: "She thinks she's so perfect - like a Barbie doll."
Girl 2: "What did you expect? She's fake and plastic, all the girls wanna kill her and all the guys wanna..."
Girl 1: "Well screw her!"
Girl 2:"...exactly."
by love4lyrics August 07, 2007
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