to greek. verb
when you get your dick sucked by a girl, and then she hooks up with another dude.

the other dude just got greeked.
damn, that frat star over there just got greeked! that bitch just sucked tummis dick 20 minutes before hooking up with him! hes gotta have the worst luck ever.
by bangslutz69 September 30, 2013
Someone who can trace every single human invention back to Greece. Glorifies Greece for being the cradle of democracy, yet doesn't even have the letter 'd' from democracy. Has sub-Saharan ancestry yet loves to scream white supremacy. The men look like monkeys and receive the most sexual interaction from desperate Serbian men. Have the ability to fart soundlessly and cry together with Serbs about how they're the rulers of the universe and come up with theories on how even God is Greek.
Greek: "You know, Greeks invented sex."

Non-Greek: "That's true, but it was the non-Greeks that introduced it to women."
by BlessedNonGreek July 11, 2013
Greek's are often loud,Like to a ALOT,And hate turks,Some are Muzztek and sum hate muzza's Most just like to make friends with Other People of southern europe Like italians :-).....they have a great past and dont like to boast about our culture,like italians :-)(ID KNOW IM ITALIAN). Overall if you make frieinds with a greek you make friends with a great Person By the way they don diloute OUZO they just DRINK IT
Greek ouzo drink strong past freind freak cool funny flag lol omg wtf zomg hacks
by ItalianBoy006 October 14, 2007
If you have no intention of going Geek I mean Greek do not go here.
Party Invite; Greeks or Girls
by nyferr1 August 28, 2008
One who owns all. Usually have at least 27 cousins, eat lots of awesome food (Yamista, gyros, spanicopita). We invented everything, including the atom bomb. It was then stolen by the Italians, then by the Russians, and finally by the Bastards in the USA. We hate those malakas from Turkey, with their camel wrestling. They take over northern Cyprus, so we are forced to kill them.
Famous Greek: Jennifer Aniston
by Spatter Artist (Ioannis Tzilos) February 18, 2006
Noun - A member of a college fraternity or sorority.
The local greeks throw the best parties.
by TRR March 04, 2005
a fraternity or sorority with a Greek letter name
They pretended they were Greek with the intention of getting drunk.
by The Return of Light Joker September 29, 2010

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