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an ancient and very misunderstood people from the eastern mediterranean coast. proud, stubborn, intelligent and yet had in ancient times a penitence to fight and destroy there own culture once a generation, then take another generation to rebuild just to fight again.
a people who created many things and technologies, and improved inventions now lost to history and time, no longer known who had built them to. most think it was the Greeks, but in the end no one can tell.
the Greeks are misunderstood as being a homosexual and bisexual race in the past, and this misconception has made it's way to the present. contrary to this popular belief, theses practices were frowned on by ancient Greek culture. there are few mentions of it, true that men and woman did live apart. but except for a small hand full of know practitioners of this sex act. ( alexander being the most famous) it is no different then many other cultures in the region. including Egypt, Italy, and even palestine. the allegations baring totally onto the backs of the Greeks are mostly anti Greek propaganda from enemies of the city state looking to justify the destruction of the Greek on the grounds of morality.
the Greeks today are A proud and wonderful people. they love life and food. good wine and parties. they love family and friends and keeping honer in the eyes of the world around them. they are quick to anger, but quicker to forgive. they are a kind and giving people, and contrary to popular belief, they do not hate the Turks as much as they hated the ottoman's who had forced Greeks to bow down and convert to Islam. those who did not convert fought back and won there freedom. those who did not fight and did convert became the Turks. so the truth is in the end that the Turks and the Greeks are one and the same people. only one side for one reason or another could not coup with shariah law and converted. one fought to the death and won there freedom. most don't even know that most of the population of turkey are not even descendants of the original invading force. most of the invaders went back home. what was left behind was a country of converted Greeks who had lost there way, history, and rightful place along the side of a people who made the world what it is today.
to hate the Greeks, past, present or future is to hate humanity and the world they live in. Greeks can be arrogant, and very proud. but they can also be brutally honest. if you don't want to know the truth, never ask a Greek.
history is full of wonder, carved into stone by the hands of the greeks.
never turn your back on a greek in anger. they prefer to face you.
beware of greeks baring gifts.
by kosh1968 February 01, 2008
1. Person, concept or idea originating from Greece, a small but historically important mediterranean country.

2. Incomprehensible (originates from the fact that the Ancient Greek literature was considered high learning and thus incomprehensible to common mortals)

3. Term for a homosexual (originates from the fact that the ancient greeks seem to have been tolerant and accepting of homosexual and bisexual relationships)
Ouzo is a traditional Greek drink.
by The eternal grunt April 23, 2004
a person from the beatiful country of greece in the balkan peninsula in eastern europe. greeks have beatiful art and has helped the world up to today.greece is next to turkey, bulgaria and other countries in the balkans. Athens is a famous city in greece and in balkans along with istanbul and sofia. Alexander the great! turks and greeks will always be friends and people should stop rebelling about it
greek art is very famous in the greek history.
by ekin December 11, 2006
Very hard working people with very ancient backgrounds which attracts many tourists. They are very nice people with a beautiful language. And a nice country.
I'm Greek from my father.
by Jay123 June 23, 2007
A person from the country Greece.

Used as a slang term for anal sex.

Used to express your lack of knowledge of a certain topic.
I'm Greek and I come from a country named Greece.

I was with a girl last night and she wanted me to do it Greek with her.

Everything you're saying is Greek to me.
by King_John December 04, 2003
to greek. verb
when you get your dick sucked by a girl, and then she hooks up with another dude.

the other dude just got greeked.
damn, that frat star over there just got greeked! that bitch just sucked tummis dick 20 minutes before hooking up with him! hes gotta have the worst luck ever.
by bangslutz69 September 30, 2013
To "Greek" Someone, i.e. To penetrate the anal cavity forcefully without lubrication or without condolence of the other party. "Greeking" them into obilivion.
Jo "Man last night i met this chick, we got into bed and i thought, fuck it im going too greek her"
Wesley "There was this chick, she didn't expect it but i gave her the greek really badly!"
Big Smoke "Dude you should totally greek that bitch, if you don't, i will"
by Dr Starfish August 13, 2013