a kick ass person who has at least 26-89 cousins, killer parties on every major holiday with the exception of Roshushanna and Hanukkah, loves to drink undiluted ouzo, and is referred to/responds to "Greek" while being passed in the hallways of school.
Dude, you're so greek.

'Sup, Greek!

I wish I was Greek.
by zt! January 19, 2005
A person who is very kind and cool at heart. Very fun to party with and likes to drink.
The best party you can go to is one held by a Greek.
by GrkGoddess89 June 02, 2003
People from Greece or are Greek- American

have the longest ass last names you will ever here

Love to have a good time, drink, party, and surprisingly go to church aswell.

Hard working, and hate slackers.

put and includes family before everything
Hey Maria Pappasziotolopous can I come to your party on Saturday?

Yea Jim, all my yiayias 2nd cousins and uncles will be there too! :D

it's alright I love Greeks!
a peace loving, easy going beautiful race that is too hung up on its past but have contributed greatly in the diaspora; greeks have their faults but i feel that we are generally a nice race; and for that telly guy who bags the greeks - go fuck yourself !
Im proud that my cultural heritage is greek !
by hellenika September 05, 2003
Greeks are awesome people who are really nice and throw great parties. They eat lots of food, drink OUZO, and have a much higher IQ than a lot of people. They invented like everything from math to science to art (and as some motherfuckers like to say "gay sex". omg, haha, that is soo funny...NOT!!!) When u tell someone ur greek they totally admire u b/c greek is considered one of the most intelligent & sophisticated heritages!!!!! Greeks are most likely to be succesful in their life and be wealthier and live in places like NYC or westchester. greeks are gorgeous and amazingly hot. And for all u people out there that say greeks invented sex, guess what? that means we are totally more skilled at it and actually know how to do it unlike all u fools that have no fucking idea what the hell ur doing!
Greek people rock ass!!!!!!!!!!!
by greeksarecool April 23, 2006
Grecians or Greeks are the race that started it all.
Nothing to do with what Americans
want to portray as Greece (souvlaki, tzatziki,ouzo etc.)
The average Greek has an IQ of 125 whereas
the average American has an IQ of 90.
Many NASA, CIA, FBI, and NSA top executives are of Greek
The Greek and Hebrew lobbies are the most powerful
influential lobbies in the USA.
Greece is always the underdog that comes up at the top at
the end.
just a few Greeks : Alexander The Great, Plato, Aristotle,
Constantine, Caratheodory (Einstein's teacher)

by philipos March 19, 2006
The most finest and bravest race in history. Alexander the Great's and Hercule's race. A race which have put an early end to arabic/ottoman invasions targetting europe and its culture.
If Greeks had never existed, Europe wouldn't be the way it is.
by John McLoughlin August 29, 2005

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