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(verb). Coming late to work for months, and having your union negotiate that you get an extra bonus for showing up on time. And then explaining to your boss that being two hours late still counts as "on-time".

Also if you are lawyer and collect additional fees for every document you have to read, but end up not appearing in court because the trail coincides with your summer break.
Lying on the couch, Constantinos sent two emails to his boss yesterday: One saying that he cannot come in next Monday, the other one saying that the printer run out of ink and he cannot do anything till it is refilled. Aka, he totally greek out.
by Benedictus XVI, P.P. July 06, 2011
This means that you are flying through Greek homework so rapidly that an innocent bystander might call you a geek. That's when you'd correct them nicely.
Let's go to my house and Greek out!
by jewcb_42 January 30, 2011

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