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This is more commonly known as a Cox Knot.
Dude 1: "I made a sweet home video last night of Sheree in a greek headlock".

Dude 2: "A what??"

Dude 1: "You know... A Cox Knot".

Dude 2: "Ahh.. Awesome Man!! She's hot! How was it???"

Dude 1: "After about 12mins, she was struggling. I was fine"
by randy1212 April 12, 2009
Were a guy has a chick in a full nelson headlock, (guys chest to girls back) except guys arms up under her legs and then around the back of her neck as he is pounding away at her back-door (ass-hole).
If I were ever to meet Jenna Jameson, I would like to put her in a Greek Headlock and give it to her like no one else I've ever seen.
by Big Balls in Cow-Town March 01, 2007
in wrestling match vs. an opponent you put your hand down the back of their pants and put your thumb in their butt-whole and your ring and middle finger in their vagina and pick them up like a six-pack
So my roommate was drunk and kept trying to wrastle me so I put her in a Greek head lock and took her to her room

Cheney was infuriated by G-dubs foreign policy so he put him in a Greek headlock.
by danimal799 July 11, 2010
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