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The most beautiful people on the planet.
'Damn! That girl's so hot, she must be a Greek girl!'
by CyberQueen September 10, 2006
601 190
a beautiful brown skinned sexy, dark haired girl
greek girls are bare sexy
by LatinaKaterina November 30, 2004
802 276
A girl from the badass country of greece. They usually have brown or green eyes and dark hair. Most of them are very naturally pretty and easy to get along with.
Guy 1: Wow, that girl is hot.
Guy 2: Yeah, she looks kinda greek.

Boxxy is a great example of a gorgeous greek girl, even if she is on drugs.
by xxANON October 08, 2009
233 99
1) A girl of greek decsent.

2) A girl who likes taking it up the ass.
Eleni is a greek girl in 2 censes. Shes greek and also she loves getting fucked up the ass.
by tall guy July 07, 2004
420 376