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free shit that google give you. gmail, google voice, google art etc...
wow google came out with google art today. another piece of gree.
by googleverbmaker2 February 01, 2011
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A San Francisco based gay slang term which is short for "Girl", "Mary" or, "Miss Thing".
"Get it gree!", "You go gree!"
by Deena Davenport February 07, 2007
19 6
A tiny rock wedged in between two toes that refuses to be expelled. Most commonly occurs when wearing sandals with complex strap mechanisms.
"Aw, man, I got a wicked gree right about now."
by A. Robert Dowson August 10, 2006
13 7
lame ass person
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
16 10
a sound made when angry.
It's Christina Aguilera! Gree!!
by Barn Owl January 11, 2005
7 4
Someone who beats up little redheaded boys and steals their lunch money
Mike got his ass whipped by Gree
by dont worry about it November 18, 2004
11 8
Noun, derived neologism; a graceful, gracious glee; grace and brilliant happiness combined, with connotations of mastery, superiority, agreement, goodwill and even satisfactory compensation, victory or success; not to be confused with Clone Commander Gree (CC-1004) of the Star Wars film series; see also prior definitions at Meriam-Webster, dictionary.com, etc.
I'm not saying she's a female Jack Black or anything like that. At least she wasn't an oaf. But, like most of her compatriots and co-workers, what gave her glee was so childish she'd all too often seem graceless or naive or even uncouth. I have to admit there were times her humor was so puerile it even disgusted me.

I suppose that for better or worse, at least for me, a mate must have some sense of gree.

-- Of My Estranged Wife, ICT.23h15.Thu.22.Mar.2007.AD --
by AD Marshall March 17, 2007
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