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An interjection used to exclaim surprise or astonishment. Has redneck-ish (and even sexual)connotations and is perhaps used mainly in rural America. Also known to be occasionally used by the Looney Toons cartoon character Yosemite Sam.
*at a small ranch in West Texas*

Jim Bob: Welp. Time to git down ta bizness an' work the ol' cow.

*suddenly sees two large overweight trespassing strangers doing something "suspicious" to one of his pigs*

Jim Bob: *gasps* Great horny toads, what in the Sam Hill h've you sum bitches bin doin' to mah prize hog!

Mark H. Proud Urban Dictionary Slang Author since February 2004.
by Mark H January 10, 2006
1. Perhaps the most offensive exclamation in the human language.
2. Magnificent sexually excited amphibians
1. I shouted "great hornytoads" at a grocery store and got all these weird looks from people. Apparently they were pretty offended.
2. I don't want to go in that swamp, it's filled with great hornytoads.
by babaloulou December 01, 2003
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