Unwashed, dirty. Often hair.
"Kurt Cobain often had greasy hair."
by Dead Deer June 20, 2005
to get at in a foul manner; disrespectful,scandelous or shaddy
Dude just got hella greasy with me!
Dang that's greasy! (After someone has said somethiing rude)
You gettin' greasy?
#scandelous #disrespectful #messed up #jacked up #dirty
by MichaelMonet April 25, 2007
some girls who dont know how to take showers and their hair is stuck to their face. sometimes smells like fish.
christine has greasy hair.
#rounchy #slut #smelly #fish #and cunt.
by william wright January 27, 2008
aussie slang;

1. the american version of cool, tight, rad, amazing

2. (grease) can also mean to leave or go
1. good day, Mate. you know that new chap john? Mates pretty greasy.

2. Hey, this party sucks lets grease off.
#cool #amazing #tight #rad #dope
by Sam Mason December 18, 2007
When someone is dirty (not so hygeinic) and/or can be used to say someone is a jerk, who shouldn't be trusted.
"He is not invited. He's greasy as hell"
#greesy #greecy #grezy #dirty #slimey
by hannah13 October 02, 2007
Adjective (negative). Used to describe any activity that involves spending too much money, drinking too much, doing too many drugs, hanging out with dregs of society people, and generally any activity that involves lowering one's standard and hindering one's progress.

"A greasy night out" - a night out that involves enormous expense and negative health consequences but very little pleasure as compensation. Typically occuring in London (because it's so expensive and overcrowded) a greasy night out would involve leaving the office at 6, downing 10 pints of Stella, spending fortunes on cabs to go to crap clubs where you queue outside for hours, then buy more overpriced drinks inside, stagger outside, may or may not visit a kebab house or a whore house, then get more expensive cabs home, and wake up in the morning to find you've lost you brand new Armani overcoat.

Can also be applied to other situations, such as greasy mates (one's friends who encourage the above, but have no means to pay for it so you must pay for them aswell. They act as a kind of grease multiplier).
What's the matter Andrew; why's your face green and you're so miserable?

Had a greasy night out last night in Oxford Street. It was filth. My greasy mates scabbed drinks off me all night and I had to pay for the cab.
#crappy #lame #wank #shite #absolutely fucking terrible
by Mikee T October 06, 2006
a black person. a nigger.
"that was such a greasy party... we had to be the only two crackers there"
#black #nigger #negro #african american #nappy
by oliver close-off November 05, 2007
The action of being cheap, or unfare. Scenerio: Your waiting for a parking space when someone that knows your waiting for the spot takes it anyway. Now the person that jacked the spot is greasy, or what they did was greasy. It can also be used in a joking manor like "man your greasy (lol)" and other situations like that. Or if you dont like someone than..."There greay". It doesnt have to reffer to someone being physically greasy, but emotional, and mentally as well.
"man that guy is greasy"
"why would she like him? he's so greasy, he stole my bike last week."
"Get outta here tou grease bag"
"Your deepfrier greasy...ha ha"
#greasy #grease #grease bag #cheap #stupid
by Pasty Jordan November 29, 2005
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