Unwashed, dirty. Often hair.
"Kurt Cobain often had greasy hair."
by Dead Deer June 20, 2005
Ehsan Salihi.
The attribute of: having greasy combed back hair
having a sweaty face all the time
making strange faces often
having pimples like everest on your head that you take pills for and get monthly injections for but they just dont go away
Jeff: Ehsan's jokes

Ben:DUDE ehsan is such a greasy bastard i swear i wouldnt touch him for 100$

Lucas: I know, I heard he gets injections for his acne

Nick: bahaha he looks like a ballargo

Everyone: LOL

Mike: I fucking hate looking at him cuz every time i just know hes such a fucking greasy homo and it fucking pisses me off!
by jokesssss July 15, 2008
to be dirty, not shower
"man, that Taura-Roberge chick is greasy!!"
by Tammy Timms April 08, 2008
Purposely spoiling someone else's easy shot in a game of pool INSTEAD of taking a shot at your own ball.
The eight ball was right in front of the pocket, so Fred was greasy and knocked it out of the way so I wouldn't be able to get it in for the win.
by Chips949 February 28, 2008
a canadian slang word used to describe a teenage girl who wears dirty track suits, has long, slimy hair tied up in a bun, always has drama going on which she must talk loudly about in public places, thinks shes really hot, smokes cigarettes, and like terrible rap music.
That girl in Maple Ridge was sure a greasy bitch.
by d souts August 21, 2009
aussie slang;

1. the american version of cool, tight, rad, amazing

2. (grease) can also mean to leave or go
1. good day, Mate. you know that new chap john? Mates pretty greasy.

2. Hey, this party sucks lets grease off.
by Sam Mason December 18, 2007
some girls who dont know how to take showers and their hair is stuck to their face. sometimes smells like fish.
christine has greasy hair.
by william wright January 27, 2008
to get at in a foul manner; disrespectful,scandelous or shaddy
Dude just got hella greasy with me!
Dang that's greasy! (After someone has said somethiing rude)
You gettin' greasy?
by MichaelMonet April 25, 2007

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