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1. N.: A phrase describing the unfortunate situation that arises when a large male member is liberally covered in lube, placed in the anus of a willing participant, thrusted in and out of said anus for upwards of five minutes (no less), then removed upon seminal emission, causing a swollen, inner tube like rectal prolapse to emerge, covered in a greasy substance composed of lube, sweat, and seminal fluid. It is considered appropriate to refer to this act as, "Givin' her (or him) the ol' greasy inner tube."

2. V.: The act of causing a greasy inner tube.
1. Sally: "Care to give me the ol' greasy inner tube tonight?"

Chuck: "What? No! Why the hell would I ever do that?"

Sally: "Well, it's either that or I bungie jump the cornfield."

Chuck: "...sigh, fine, I'll get the lube."

2. Chuck: "So, I greasy inner tubed Sally last night."

Mark: "Wow, really? I've always wanted to try that. How was it?"

Chuck: "Better than the time she made me snorkel the hot air balloon, that's for sure."
by M. Knight Shyamalanalanalan October 23, 2013
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