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To eat food in a grocery store, then not pay for it. Usually done while legitimately shopping at said store.
I was so hungry by the time I got to Stop & Shop, I ended up grazing a bit--I had an apple, some Fritos, and a chocolate milk.
by Tyler September 22, 2004
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To eat a lot of food without actually having a proper meal, usually in the context of picking at food that is readily available at a buffet.
"Okay, I'm off to the buffet to graze for a while"

"Has anyone seen Susan?"
"Last I saw she was grazing in the kitchen"

by Ian Taylor March 17, 2006
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v. To eat someone else's food at their house. It is often implied that the person grazing doesn't really know what they'll find to eat.
Person 1: "Want to see a movie tonight?"
Person 2: "But I'm fungry!"
Person 1: "It's cool, you can come over and graze."
by The Grammar Nazi January 10, 2002
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When two or more people touch each other inappropriately, most of the time it's by accident. from here the graze can take two paths 1) all parties involved know that a graze has taken place but choose not to say anything because it may lead to awkwardness. 2) one or more of the parties involved informs everyone present, involved or not, that the graze has taken place...awkwardness follows.
Guy 1 brushes his hand (accidentally we assume) against guy 2's ass
Guy 2: "dude, WTF?"
Guy 1: "Accident?"
*a graze has just occured
by zachus22 August 28, 2008
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v. to smoke marijuana

animals graze when they eat grass

we graze when we smoke grass
Hey lets just graze all day
by smizzin_on_a_dream March 27, 2010
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To eat. Used by stupid construction workers like my buddies. noun and adjective.
Must be time for a graze.
Im gazing on my lunch.
by Mikehunt8710 May 23, 2007
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To look at a girl with lust, without making it obvious. to check out a girl or guy. Usually means to look at someone's body, not meant for eye contact.
You can glance that the girl for a bit man, but dont graze her too hard, she will see you staring at her after a while.
by Omar23 September 02, 2005
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