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White girl. White women while living in European caves didn't bathe so, they took on a grayish tinge.
Yo man I saw you bouncing that gray girl in your back seat.
by Jrock March 24, 2003
As used by Too $hort a white woman who has sexual relations with a black male.
Quote from "So International" "We knocked these grey girls from Oregon, They had a flight to catch early in the mornin' to Portland, It doesnt matter where ya from baby, We can have some fun, Maybe Me and B-La, Yea we got jungle fever But its all about the money with us We dont want ya people to think we discrimanatin' "
by Fauxreal April 26, 2004
A white girl or woman.
Let's holla at them gray girls.
by MDM January 27, 2005
Black girl. When black girls forget to put on lotion they turn a gray color.
Yo man! That grey girl last night at the party was nasty! And you danced with her!
by Milkman April 01, 2003