1. An abnormally large phallus usually associated with elephantiasis or other diseases of the lower extremities.

2. Sperm.
Looks like he's packing a gravy train.
"Last night I sprayed my gravy train all over her face!"
by Daniel Lindsey January 26, 2008
To jump on the bandwagon.
Made popular by Pink Floyd's single Have A Cigar.
It means to conform to something you think sounds cool and do it just because others are, without even realizing what you are doing
"The band is just fantastic, that is really what i think. Oh by the way, which one is Pink?"
"And did they tell you the name of the game, boy. They call it riding the Gravy Train."

-Have A Cigar, Pink Floyd
by Paige K November 05, 2007
is when a overweight, or heavy man or woman, usually man, sweats a lot and runs down his face, neck or body like a train. This sweat is thick and smells nasty usually only a fat person can produce.
Man, my UPS driver Gary, had a gravy train becasue it was so hot out and he's a fat bastard.
by CFD517 March 24, 2011
When a male covers his penis in Turkey Gravy and then has procedes to have sex.
Yo - Last night she rode the gravy train.
by His Grace March 08, 2008
When a bunch of guys, preferably 10 or more, get ina line and ejaculate excessive amounts of cum onto a girls face one after the other
wow that sully chick is such a skank
i kno man, like20 dudes just came on her face
whaaat u mean they ran a gravy train?!?!
by jibbarousseau November 24, 2009
a sexual act in which a man or woman get on their back while a line of men ejaculate on them, but this important: they have to go over the man or woman like their a train going over them and the gravy is obviously the semen.
Tim: "He Gerard you wanna do a gravy train on my girlfriend?"

Gerard: "Hell yea"
by the train wrecker February 12, 2009
Where someone leaves a trail of shit from their sexual partners pubic are up to their chin.
'The bitch turned into the track for my Gravy Train'
by anonymousshetupiknowitsbeingus January 05, 2009
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