A line of guys who enjoy the company of other men. A sort of leap frog of sex if you will. The man in the back is the pitcher and the person directly in front of him is the catcher... he is also a pitcher for the guy in front of him. The men alternate from a standing to bent position engaging is homosexual activity.
I walked into your dads room and saw him in the middle of the gravy trian smiling and laughing.
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005
Possibly the best band ever.
Whore, whore! Gravy Train's the living testament
by Adam November 16, 2004
it's an exclamation of joy or happiness when something good happens to you. when you get a girl. when you win a game. when you score a goal. when you get good grades. but the phrase only works if you're a patriots fan. because the ultimate way to use it is when the pats win!
"and the pats win."

"gravy train!"
by hider September 22, 2005
it don't really matter; its whatever
Person 1: I forgot you worked today
Person 2: Its all gravy train
by S.E.H. June 25, 2005
the substance a homosexual man leaks from his anus (usually running down his legs) the day after anal sex.usually marbeled brown and white in colour and of a sloppy consistancy.

the homosexual mans equivilant to a womans monthly period.
god my gravy train has started... what an inconvienience
by sully1990 May 30, 2007
A noun referring to a cult or a group of people that believe the same aspects on religion.
"im not riding your holy gravy train"
by Elena July 22, 2005
A variation of the '69' sexual position. When the man is about to come, the woman shits on her partner's face. To be done properly, the woman should have diarrhea.
Nothin' like riding into the sunset on your lady with a little gravy train at the end!
by Senor Toady September 26, 2006
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