Where someone leaves a trail of shit from their sexual partners pubic are up to their chin.
'The bitch turned into the track for my Gravy Train'
by anonymousshetupiknowitsbeingus January 05, 2009
a sexual act in which one partner makes a trail of semen from the pubic area to the mouth of the other partner
"We rode that gravy train for 69 miles"
by Mr. Loysch December 21, 2008
When either a man or a woman squats over the ass of another and shits on said ass and then proceeds to push the fresh shit into the others ass. After completing this task, the receiver then gets up and shits their feces and the feces of the shitter into the shitter's mouth.
Me and Nik were out in the back and he gave me the worst gravy train.
by L Sizzle January 23, 2008
A train literally made of gravy.
Person one: Why is there gravy all over this platform?

Person two: Could have been a gravy train.
by Pak_1 July 30, 2005
someone who exploits someone else's sucess.
Billy is a total gravy train.
by cardinal_fan October 13, 2004
To get three strikes in a row during a bowling match. A takeoff of the well-known term "turkey" to describe getting three strikes in a row.
Sam said: "Three strikes baby! Who's riding the gravy train now?"
by Sticky Nicky April 18, 2004
A line of guys who enjoy the company of other men. A sort of leap frog of sex if you will. The man in the back is the pitcher and the person directly in front of him is the catcher... he is also a pitcher for the guy in front of him. The men alternate from a standing to bent position engaging is homosexual activity.
I walked into your dads room and saw him in the middle of the gravy trian smiling and laughing.
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005

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