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take a 5 gallon water tank with the bottom cut off and a 8 gallon tank with the top cut off fill the 8 gallon water tank with water fully submerge the 5 gallon water tank into the 8 gallon water tank add tin foil to the top of the 5 gallon water tank fill the tin foil with your choice of weed and as much as you desire then light the weed and slowly very slowly pull the 5 gallon water tank up till there is about no water left in the tank at all and when you see that there is really no air left in the 5 gallon tank remove the tin foil and put your mouth over the opening and eaither really slowly or really fast your choice suck in the smoke and get blazed off your ass
me and 4 of my friends took tin foil and 1 ounce of weed and a 5 gallon water tank and an 8 gallon water tank and made a gravity bong out of it and it is almost impossible to clear the entire 5 gallon water tank me and my 4 friends tried it untill we ran out of weed and none of us were able to clear the entire 5 gallone tank but try it and see if your a master at the gravity bong and clear the 5 gallong water tank
by Rob Massey January 06, 2005
A bong that uses a bucket, a bottle, and a pipe. You smoke it using air pressure, and can take enormous hits because of its design, easily.
by Root January 08, 2003
nigga fry: damn i love drugs im just ur average nigger
by liambitchtits March 17, 2005