sexual; to engage in sexual intercourse in such a manner that post-act, the female is forced to walk with an odd gait, reminiscent of a cowboy with saddle sore.
"Damn Cuts, you're girl's walkin' kind of funny."

"Yea man. I rolled her bones."

"Shit, you didn't just roll her bones, you graveled that bitch!"
by Harrison 'GI Jew' August 23, 2008
Top Definition
(v.) - to place rocks in someone's shoe so when the shoe is put on and walked on pain is inflicted upon the wearer.

Note: First used in Scrubs.
Damn J.D., you've just been graveled!
by kavik November 26, 2005
When someone is running, usually on a street, and falls after running on gravel, dirt, etc...
LOL, John just got graveled!!
by Sam! October 07, 2007
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