The morbid act of looting a recently fired employees office to get all their cool stuff that was left behind. Usually done in a secretive manner after other employees have left the office.
Bob: Where is Mike?
Kevin: He is grave robbing Jack's office... he needs a new monitor and it's not like that jobless ass needs it anymore!!
by Paulo and Miguel April 21, 2006
Top Definition
When a girl (or a guy) goes out with someone significantly older than them with significantly more money than they have. Commonly done in the hopes that they pass away and leave you with the loot. A bit like a gold digger but with less morals and more purpose.
Anna Nicole Smith and Texan Oil Billionaire - go figure, she's a graverobber.
by Ricardo Ford May 14, 2004
Corporate term for when someone gets laid off and co-workers rummage through the now empty cubical for anything useful.
After Paul got laid off from the company Nick did a little grave robbing and found a nice stapler.
by TronJarvis May 03, 2010
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