GRAT, interjection:

used to express anger, rejection and disgust, often followed by a pronoun, such as “you” or “it”.

GRAT, as an adjective, adverb:

damned; confounded; bloody.
1: Grat it!

2: That gratting idiot.
by Therawyn December 11, 2009
A thug poser. A wannabe.
Much to the G-rat's surprise, a real G showed up to the ball, and slapped the phony thug to the ground after pimpin on all his ho's.
by sinonskin December 26, 2009
grace is a g-rat. The g-rat is a rare species, it likes to nibble on pellets, and can often be found fornicating with the skel-rat species.
yo brother stop acting like a g-rat you'll scare everyone away
by attack of the g-rat August 23, 2006
terrible, bad, not good at all
1: Dude ya hear the principle fired a nun?
2: Are you serious? yo thats grat
by mike 232432 October 23, 2007
A truncated form of congratulations as stated; however it is a hollow form. There is little emotion, you don't care you are envious or it doesn't matter. You join the bandwagon of everyone else saying it.

The word is often used as just "grats" by itself. When it is used in this form is is surely a carefree statement.
Grats on leveling

oh hey bob grats on getting your mount.
by Zorg_here July 13, 2011
tobbaco, cigarettes used so teachers cannot find out if a pupil smokes
"You got any grat!?"
by skinz May 25, 2005
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