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is a term used to represent gunshots, before, during, and after a rap episode. Commonly used by fucking imbeciles.
"Fuck Bitches, Get Money, Gratata"
by Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak April 26, 2014
When you ain't with that fufu lame shit, and you send shots at someone's fitted.
Rafael: Hey, you with that fufu lame shit?
Brad: Nah. I'm finna send some shots at yo fitted.
Rafael: Gratata.
by pacificpacifist May 06, 2014
An onamonapia used when making the 'finger gun' gesture whilst also recording your reflection in a bathroom mirror.
"Who the fuck says 'gratata' anymore?!"
by xXTyrone_BrunnerXx May 09, 2015

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