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1. a really bad pronouncation of the spanish word "gracias", meaning thank you

2. when one sits on grass and get's grass stains on their bottom

2. Dude, you have a grassy ass!
by Alanna Rose Flaherty April 30, 2003
'Thank you' in Spanish the way a tourist might say it. Also referring to the behind of someone who sat in a field for too long.

Grassy-ass for the crappy Spanish lesson.

Don't drag your butt on the ground next time, grassy-ass!
by The Kwoshinator May 12, 2008
the english way to say "gracias" which is spanish for thank you
Person 1: can i borrow a pencil?
Person 2: sure!
Person 1: grassyass!
Person 2: no problem
by the dance chick July 22, 2004
An infection of the butthole that results in a green discoloring of the asscheeks. May be confused with the Spanish word for thank you.
My mother has grassyass. Dat shit as green as yo face when my dick went up yo bum.
by The most reliable person October 17, 2012
A term used to describe a person w/ grass on their ass. Supposed to sound somewhat like "gracias."
You've been sitting around on the grass for awhile, and when you stand up someone tells you, "You have grass yass!"
by Stephanie :) August 22, 2007
1. mispronunciation of the word "greasy ass".
1. Dude you have a grassy ass!!!
by lsc123 May 31, 2016
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