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Really cool community based just on cannabis and cannabis related stuff. But the moderators there are douches who make grass city suck ass.
Stoner 1: Damn I cant wait to pick up some kush today.

Stoner 2: Nice :D I picked up some pretty dank hash earlier.

Stoner 3: Word.

Grasscity Moderator: I suck fat cock all day! Thread deleted.
by GRASSCITY SUCKS November 03, 2011
A very cool online community based on cannabis and general life around it. The members are generally nice. There lots of lolz to be had and lolz to be made. A great place, also has a pretty good headshop alongside it.

However the moderators are extreme assholes.... someone got banned for jokingly suggesting that the OP get a flamethrower to defend their house against a local burglar. You would think that a community based around an illegal narcotic would be more lax on relatively harmless banter but no.

Lots of thought provoking stuff, though. I suggest you check it out.
OP creates mind blowing thread on Grasscity about opening up your thoughts and being accepting of other people. However, he made a brief mention of LSD and was therefore banned and the thread deleted (discussion of other drugs is illegal cuz l1ke weed is not a drug rite?????)
by Broke, Beating Off, and Scared August 22, 2012
An online community dedicated spefically to marijuana. The best of it's kind. (there are also a chillout zone section where you can talk about music, relationships, or just anything in general.) Some users can be pricks, but that's true of any forum. Also has the best headshop on the internet.
I am a regular blade on the Grasscity forums.
by captainhurpdurp November 21, 2011
A tight knit and diverse community full of stoners and regular weed smokers alike, Grasscity will hook you in line and sinker even if you spend just a little bit of time lurking their. You should take note that quite a few good looking stoner chicks frequent this forum, which is an obvious plus. The community is unlike any other I have been too because the people are always willing to help and the amount of trolling done in the place is small. The reason I say this is because usually when you find a forum as popular as Grasscity (516,634 members to date) there is usually a lot of USELESS members who contribute absolutely nothing to the board other than being a pest and just generally annoying. New and quality threads are created almost every hour and each one you read will either make you,

A. Think
B. Laugh
C. Want to smoke weed

Some people their are really funny. It is also designed really well, with the moderators spending hours trying to perfect the forum, everything from private messaging, to likes, statues and whatever runs very smooth and efficiently. The layout can get you addicted. If you're not weird you will definitely meet some awesome people. Did I mention about the hot girls? (I see you suplove.)

Be wary of the Communist moderators and some of the politcally correct and annoying members. They take themselves too seriously and honestly need to probably actually STOP smoking weed so they could think straight. There posts and personality remind me of C-SPAN.
Grasscity is awesome but be wary and tread caution with the mods and some of the stupid members. Remember it is just the INTERNET and if you take it this seriously you probably need to go get some pussy.


Hey suplove.
by Joshy P The Number One Stunna September 15, 2013
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