A vegetarian
Guy 1: Is Bethany a grass grazer?
Guy 2: Yeah, she hasn't eaten meat in years!
by vegetablist May 04, 2011
Top Definition
One who performs oral sex on vaginas i.e. one who partakes in cunnilingus. A pussy eater. A beaver eater. A cunt muncher. A clit licker.
Mom and daughter:
"Hi Nancy, did you enjoy your date with Alice?"
"Yeah, it was hot! After the movie we went to her place, got naked and did the 69 position. She's a very talented grass grazer!"
by silkpouch September 05, 2007
a person that likes marijuana and buys tons of it
dude didja see him at the party he is such a grass grazer
by joe725 September 22, 2006

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