The last guy that got his ass handed to him by Sammael Cain. Also, probably the worst cartoonist in history. In fact, he was so bad that Disney turned over in his grave when he was compared to him.
Yo, you see what happened to that guy? He's a graphician, by which I mean, Sammael wrecked him.
by Sammael Cain January 23, 2012
Top Definition
A composite of the words "graphic artist" and "musician," describing a designer who creates graphics pixel by pixel. The word was first introduced in the Commodore C64 demo and cracking scene, in the scene magazine Sex'n'Crime, published by Amok.
He was one of the best graphicians in the C64 scene.
by Caligula2000 May 05, 2009
One who manipulates computer graphics.
The graphician is currently working on the artwork for my new CD.
by Kayle Garkut February 19, 2007

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