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someone who enjoys hiking on nature trails and bird watching.

When you go hiking, granola is a staple food item because it can keep for long periods of time in heat and cold weather.
Jenny went hiking in the Rockies for a month, she is such a granola muncher.
by granolamuncher101 September 23, 2009
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hackysac hippie treehugger
Patcholy oil smelling, unwashed, unshaven, stink farm, bent on saving trees see treehugger or hippie. Wears birkenstocks usually is armed with a guitar with bad tune and/or a hemp footsack/footbag see also hackysac. Should save the world on their time not ours.
Did you smell that? That granolamuncher needs a bic and a bar of soap, they just stunk.
by Bob February 07, 2005
15 11