In the UK, granny pants are particularly large women's underwear.
These are the sort of knickers that are featured in Bridget Jones' Diary.
"I ran out of thongs so I had to wear my granny pants today."

"It was so embarrassing. My trousers fell down and the whole world was staring at my granny pants."
by EverybodyLovesABritishGirl May 22, 2008
Top Definition
Any pair of women's pants that are "uncool" because they look like something your mom or grandma would wear. This often includes "relaxed fit" jeans, jeans that taper down to the ankles, anything in a old-school floral pattern, anything TOO stretchy, etc.

1) I was wearing granny pants and some girl teased me in the hallway.
by andriod5 January 13, 2006
the definition of uncool pants.
usually baggy and old, the kind you wear for comfort and not for looks.
mostly grey as a result of bad washing, usually stretched with age and often seriously lacking elastic.
pants that i would be devastated to be caught wearing in the throws of fondling.
'my god those are one hella grannypants she got hanging out there!'
by shmurgally <3 November 16, 2008
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