Granny Fanny old lady thinks shes smoking hot.
A old woman thinking she looks smoking hot at 60,but is old and tired and looks like a granny fanny.
by sallyport August 10, 2010
Top Definition
The ost smelliest horriblist thing ever in the world. it has the smell of 80,000 corpses and looks like a giant squid giving head.
" ohh my god ur granny fanny is tickly"
"eeuuuggghhh dude"
"does that thing have a moustache"
by Lee April 06, 2005
1. A good looking young lady who possesses a rather grotesque vagina.

2. Someone with undesirable physical, mental or social qualities, much like an old lady's vagina.
Youth #1: Shit dude i wouldn't wind getting in Stacey

Youth #2: Nah you dont wanna do that, she's a Grannyfanny.


Enraged Driver: Piss-off ya Grannyfanny!
by Franno November 26, 2007
When a smokin hot chick has a sub-par ass.
Jerry "Man look at that dime!!"
Jose "Are you Fuckin Crazy?! She's got a granny fanny"
Milt "Who cares, she's a brown bagger"
Jerry "Amen"
by pro2aria May 18, 2007
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