The use of these should be classified as a mortal sin.
"Dude look at that lady in the granny panties."
"I'm gonna go vomit."
by Chris June 15, 2006
The kind that get you out of having sex... (almost like a diaper, in other words dont wear em if you ever wanna have a sex life)
George was so turned off by Suzie's over sized granny panties, that he refused to have sexual intercourse with her.
by Kinky Kiki (steph) December 06, 2005
Any type of unerware that is not a thong or g-string, cheaky panties. Granny Panties are bikini's, briefs, hipsters, rio briefs,
Any kind of underware that will leave panty lines.
"Did you get those granny panties out of your moms drawer? No one wears full back granny panties anymore except for old people."
by FU_CKobama187 June 16, 2009
Nasty,poofy panties for either elderly women or uptight,sexually insecure,sex witholding bitches who are incable of embracing their naturual sexuality.They date men in finance.see the future of Matt Sable.
Matt Sable gets to look forward to years of unrelenting "exposure" to dating uptight frigid women who don expansive cotton bloomers.Pussy NEVER seen!
by Trouble April 11, 2005
undrewears that are big and ugly
granny panties are stupid to wear when you are going to have sex that why theres thongs like mine they are baby blue
by elizabeth August 28, 2004

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