A term describing underwear for women that sadly might include anything that covers the butt nowadays. Only associated with old ladies or young women considered "losers", which is ridiculous because they look cute on young women, and are 10 times more comfy than a stupid thong which is a constant wedgie.

No matter what you say, it's just underwear so do whatever the hell you want to do.
A tool: Ew since you're a young woman who wears granny panties that are comfortable and don't go up your ass you are a loser!

Young woman: Whatever, if you are that pathetic and shallow enough to judge me by the type of underwear I wear, you should seriously be an hero.
by dkarmiesssy May 04, 2011
idiots like to complain about granny panties, "thongs" are ridculous and stupid. and label them "for old people"
idiot 1: shes hot!
idiot 2: he's hot!
idiot 3: were superficial assholes, and we don't even know you but we hate the way you look!

thongs are the new "granny panties"
by hate_society December 08, 2005
Cottan underwear that old people wear.
My grandma has flower granny panties!
by Cassie April 06, 2004
Giant, comfy, stretched-out underpants that women wear 1-2 years into a long-term relationship after the initial thrill of sexy lingerie is gone (usually accompanied by failure to wax nether regions).
Aw man, my girlfriend used to dress like a Victoria's Secret model; now she has a mom muff and wears granny panties. She's still sexy, tho!
by mommuff June 24, 2014
maaaaaassive panties generrally frilly and worn by the older, older generation.

granny panties are famously worn by Bridget Jones in the film Bridget Jones's Diary and number 2
oi Matt, check out that nan's ridiculous granny panties!!!!
by maxxximus August 07, 2007
A way of describing something that is "uncool", "lame" or "shitty" by definition or action.
"That girl had a pretty granny panty attitude." "That cheeseburger I had for lunch didn't even have tomatoes. How granny (panty) is that?"
by Hunter L April 03, 2007
underwear that go past your belly button, and are huge and stupid!
that chick doesnt look good with those granny panties.
by dominique December 09, 2004
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