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1. The involuntary emotional response your body goes through when a person hears or sees a loved one. 2. The shared gratification of a smile or feeling of elation between two or more friends or family. 3. All things that bring upon a person the spontanious feeling of joy! -Grandtastic- is the combination of grandiose & fantastic. Always a pleasant or joyful experience.
I talked to my baby today, it was grandtastic!" or "I made my kitten smile today, that's grandtastic!" or "My newest tattoo is grandtastic!
by Joseph R. Conway/Shadespiller August 05, 2011
adj. a combination of "grand" and "fantastic" used to describe extraordinarily wonderful or exciting happenings
1. I just know the dance this Friday is going to be grandtastic!

2. I got an A on the test-this is grandtastic!

3. Isn't it grandtastic that our team just won the championship?!
by Autumn K. November 13, 2007
1) expression of a positive.
2) an adjective to praise an object, being, feeling or event.
Last Christmas was grandtastic.
by JENNA January 01, 2004