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An acoustic guitar. can also be used to refer to any acoustic instrument such as a lute or a mandolin. Skwisgaar & Toki from the show Metalocalypse use this word several times.
Bartender: You must play a song to put the troll back to sleep.

Skwisgaar: Hey, douche bag, how the hell we gonna play with no electricals? Think about it.

Bartender: Come with me.

Murderface: What are those wood things, chairs?

Bartender: They are acoustic instruments.

Toki: What is acoustic? Oh, you mean a grandpa's guitars?

Skwisgaar: Grandpa's guitars. That's for pussies... and grandpa's. I think you know it.

me: i have a grandpa guitar.
my buddy: your a fucking pussy!
by gumballthechewy November 17, 2007
1.An acoustic guitar or classical guitar.
2.A lute, mandolin, or other medieval era stringed instrument.
3.A guitar played by a man whose child has had a child.
Skwisgaar Skwigelf- "You want us to play the grandpa guitars?!"
by DETHKLOK!!!! November 27, 2007
A Stringed Instument Like A Lute,Mandolin,Acoustic Guitar,Etc.
Thrasher: Is That A Grandpa Guitar?!?!!?
Non-Thrasher: A What?
Thrasher: A Grandpa Guitar-Acoustic Guitar!
Non-Thrasher: Oh Yeah Do You Dig It?
Thrasher: HELL NO!!!!!!1
by Will The Thrasher April 24, 2010
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