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the coolest lookin dude in puerto vallarta ahhahah LMAO
ohhh hey its grandmasterfunk!
by ohh ya March 02, 2004
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chillen cold funk grand master
one who has reached a high level of funkyness and has mastered the sacred art of coldchillenstompabustergetanyhotchick-fu and is also a cool person all around who has particularly very good taste in music
joe: i need a girl real bad
steve: i need to learn to fight asap
meagan: my music choice suck
grandmaster funk: joe you can have one of my girls, steve i bestow upon you fight game, and here meagan slam out to this short dogg cd.
joe: woah your such a cool person in any situation
grandmaster funk: i know we cant all be me
by fat the funky indivual December 13, 2008
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