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It was annoying to have to submit a TPS report to my boss and my grandboss. It's enough to make a dude blazy.
by Rollie Hatch September 20, 2006
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I was supposed to get my raise 2 weeks ago, but my boss told me my grand boss is holding up the process.
by Keith Mac August 07, 2010
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Your boss' boss.
My boss just put in her notice, so I have two weeks to suck up to the grandboss before he decides who gets her job.
by Czebesque September 10, 2009
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A sexy man who has gay sex with grandpas that are above the age 90.
Your grandfather was riding on a dick at two in the morning with your friend from down the street that has now turned into a GrandBoss
by PEWN May 13, 2013
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