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1. The retarded cousin of the word Grammar.

2. Sometimes even confused as a cracker by little kids.
1. I think mah grammer iz gittin' bettor.

2. Mommy, can I have a grammer cracker?
by Ready-Liver May 07, 2009
That's how idiots spell "grammar."
like omg your grammer is so bad!
by Miro May 03, 2005
A common typo for grammar. Most commonly found in sentences that correct someone else's grammar.
Your and idiot because you have bad grammer.
by www.severedband.com August 12, 2003
The cool way to spell grammar. If you like wearing your hat backwards with a XXXXL hoody draped over your lanky 125lbs. frame while smoking dope like a stonecold gangstah (by extention supporting REAL gangsters who are laughing their asses off at you), this is how you spell it
Yo dawg, you needs ta lurn you sum grammers, SON, fo' I plug you wit' mah fo' fo'.
by BennyC November 30, 2006
Someone who grams things.
I went to the grammer to get my sugar lumps weighed.
by Your mom's mom's mom December 24, 2012
A very ironic spelling of "grammar".
Philanthropist: And in conclusion, I think that this plan will end world hunger, cure cancer, and save man kind from war.
Dumbass: LOLOLOLCOPTER mankind is 1 word roflmao youre grammer suks so bad hahaha your such a retarded
by Enigmatical October 25, 2010
Something that scene kids and emos put under interests on their Myspace or Livejournal, the irony being that they can't even spell grammar correctly.
Yesterday I went on to this scene girl's myspace and she said she could not stand people with bad 'grammer'. I sighed and hit my head against the wall. Apparently it is now 'cool' to like grammar (grammer).
by Anna August 31, 2006
One who dispenses or consumes illegal drugs, especially those that are packaged in small quantities.
Someone broke into my car last night. I think it was those grammers living downstairs.
by DagobahDave September 04, 2011