Pretentious people on the internet frequently abuse this mechanic to make themselves look smart.

Proper grammar IS NOT a gauge of intelligence. Why don't more people use perfect grammar on the internet? Becuase they aren't writing academic papers online; they're writing in colloquialisms which other people understand. Many smart people talk colloquially because THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO GREW UP IN SOCIETY.

And if you find the need to prowl around the internet, fixing people's grammatical errors to make yourself feel good don't recognize that ultimately, the English language is meant to be used as a form of communication, and not a way to make yourself look smart.

tl;dr : people rnt complete dumbshits just bcuz they type like this so stop being such a grammar nazi
Person A: Your wrong. Your argument is compltely flawed because of A, B, and C.

Grammar Nazi: IT'S "YOU'RE", NOT "YOUR" AND YOU SPELLED "COMPLETELY" WRONG. Therefore I have proven that your level of intellegence is so far below mine that it would be a waste of time arguing with a Neanderthal like you. No, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT AD HOMINEM IS.
by Samsar.a December 22, 2011
To say that something makes sense or is legitimate.
There's grammar in that.
by BOOBDanicic June 17, 2013
Something that totally be not well done in definition of this which is grammar, along with also most of internet as accomplice as well. Do not confuse with spelling, which is done be correct in this.
"I haz good gramarz" -- internet prodigy

"Poor tongue, god bless his Grammar." --Sensible human being, in reply.
by yosheek June 19, 2011
1. an opportunity for chomsky to yet again force dualism down our throats until it sticks out of our asses.
2. something that cannot be removed from sentences such as the following:
3. is implicit in every form of communicaton from billboard advertising to the way you wear your hair.
4. something that can be used to enforce and control or perhaps to just define.
5. something that everybody can describe but that nobody can yet explain. Except me perhaps :)
compare -
'not now reg, I'm having tea with my grammar.'
'the horse raced past the barn fell.'
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
1. a universally accepted form of writing or speaking that appropriately conveys a person's thoughts so that others may understand it.

2. a dying art.

3. not something that is readily experienced while surfing the Internet.

4. something that 99% of people in the world have no concept of.

5. a form of writing or speaking which is hard to learn and hence is ignored by the general populous.

6. a knowledge which is deeply rewarding, although not deemed important or crucial by small people.
'They're dog ways alot.' - bad grammar
by Severian_ November 23, 2006
It means a well punctuated sentence and no mistakes. There'll be an example soon, don't worry. Grammar also means, capital letters at the beginning of the sentences/names. It includes using ', ,, :, ", /, (), !, ? and ; correctly! Since I haven't used them all, I will now (I mean actually now). This took a long time to write; I still want to continue this.
Star Trek was my favorite television show during the 1960s; in fact, it is my favorite television show of all time. Grammar.
by CriV3rm September 09, 2015
Something Tanner Barthelete doesn't have.
How do you spell realize? "Guys, I have good grammar.
by Diggle Ville March 09, 2015
Something that is not used in most chatrooms because their morons.

retard 2: GTFO N00BZORZ!!!!!! U SUK BAWLZORZ!!!!!! STFU!!!!

smart person: Wow, ever heard of grammar morons?
by BL1NX August 05, 2007

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