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Grammar is the set of rules of language and how we use it. Correct syntax, sentence structure and punctuation are all part of grammar.

People who use correct grammar capitalize the first letter of their sentences and end sentences with a full stop. They use commas and apostrophes when they're supposed to. They write sentences which neither run on or are sentence fragments.

Apparently, being on the Internet is an automatic exemption from using grammar and spelling. It's true, ask anyone why they don't use grammar on the Internet and their reason is always "Because it's MSN/the Internet/IRC". There's no real reason to not use grammar. Grammar is out of fashion nowadays, you're more likely to be ridiculed for using correct grammar than not.
A little lesson on common grammar errors:

Your - Implies ownership, example: "Your dog" or "Your house", NOT "Your stupid".

You're - Used to describe someone when talking directly to them, usually followed by an adjective or "a/an (insert noun)", example: "You're stupid".

There - Referring to location, example: "He's over there" or "Are you there?".

Their - Implies group ownership, example: "Their house" or "Their rights".

They're - Contracted form of "they are", example: "They're quite stupid".

It's - Contracted form of "it is", example: "It's really hot outside", NOT "A cat and it's kittens".

Its - Implies non-human ownership, example: "A dog and its bone".

He's - Contracted form of "he is", example: "He's so sexy", NOT "He's hat".

His - Implies male ownership, example: "His hat", NOT "His so sexy".

by Grammar_Nazi January 21, 2008
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1: A concept which is implemented in every modern langauge today. Each different group has it's own rules. People on the internet however, don't.

2: The last name of actor Kelsey Grammer that starred in the series Frasier and Cheers. Only the speech is writing is slightly different in a way that you would spell 'Basterds' in a movie title to get more hits.
1: Hay guys, yesterday i watch a movie that was too good ever.
2: Dude, your grammar sucks.
1: Last night that what you're mom said.

2: That doesn't even make sense.
by casdebom April 25, 2010
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(1) To a linguist, grammar is the structure of a language (as opposed to its lexicon, its words). Contrary to popular opinion, grammar is not something enforced by language academies, but it exists necessarily in all languages.

(2) To a non-linguist, grammar usually refers to various pre-scientific notions of "correct" usage.
Chinese grammar is very different from English.
by dattdso January 01, 2011
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Something that is hardly ever used anymore.
It's something that should be a life skill.

Most teenagers don't know any grammar.
Should be taught in english instead of Shakespeare.
It makes you look more professional.
" Like, OMFG, idk wht 2 do"

" Use some grammar.
by raaay.123 March 16, 2010
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1. n. something the vast majority of authors who post on this site fail at

2. n. the way to properly speak or write in the English language
"Joe's grammar is absolutely atrocious; he can't spell, nor can he put words in their proper places. He has total disregard for properly writing and speaking in the English language.
by Ghettostarrchild November 12, 2009
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1. a universally accepted form of writing or speaking that appropriately conveys a person's thoughts so that others may understand it.

2. a dying art.

3. not something that is readily experienced while surfing the Internet.

4. something that 99% of people in the world have no concept of.

5. a form of writing or speaking which is hard to learn and hence is ignored by the general populous.

6. a knowledge which is deeply rewarding, although not deemed important or crucial by small people.
'They're dog ways alot.' - bad grammar
by Severian_ November 23, 2006
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To say that something makes sense or is legitimate.
There's grammar in that.
by BOOBDanicic June 17, 2013
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Something that totally be not well done in definition of this which is grammar, along with also most of internet as accomplice as well. Do not confuse with spelling, which is done be correct in this.
"I haz good gramarz" -- internet prodigy

"Poor tongue, god bless his Grammar." --Sensible human being, in reply.
by yosheek June 19, 2011
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