A Grafter is a person who sets his stall out and proceeds to market trade with whatever currency is availble and it doesn't have to be money. A creative person who is capable of turning a blank canvass into a masterpiece and not frightened to Graft to achieve the required aim, to put food on the table. Rarely will you see a true Grafter in a JOB ( Just Over Broke )because they are to busy Grafting A Free Enterprise Freelance Entreprenure Freedom Fighter who lives to work. A chancer. A Grafter controls his own destiny.
The honourable profession of Grafting is a way of life. To be a Grafter you need to be self motivated a go-getter.
You will never see a true Grafter with an 'Andout' waiting for an 'Andout'

I should know I've been a grafter all me life and proud to be called one.
An example of one of my Grafts...
I'll set the scene...The run up to Lady Di's wedding was the buzz.I wasn't grafting at the time and lived over a Fruit & Veg shop in Penge High Street,just around the corner from 'Maple Road, at that time a predominately Fruit & Veg Market I was talking to the Owner Jeanie about the forthcoming wedding when one of my bright ideas come to me..I negotiated a deal for as many trays of Nectarines & Peaches she could spare me, so on the given day I was up at the crack of dawn and loaded up me little Vaukhall HA Van, with no 3rd gear and I had to climb in the passenger door and use a peg to keep the choke open until the 'ol girl'warmed up for the 30 minute journey to hopefully get a glimpse of the new 'Queen'. I then set off to 'Buck House'where 'is nibs'was set to marry a 'Vision'. I proceeded to park on 'Constitution Hill'which is just right of the 'Palace Gates'there was already a few other Grafters in place making their mark.
Well I slotted in comfortably. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, and by the time the sun was over the yardarm,the place was jam packed. I'd sold all trays, I even dropped the price for the 'ol Bill'when a Copper crept up behind me and said, "Oy ow much you ripping everyone off for them then," I said 'Only 10 pence each Guvnor", Well,I thought he was gonna nick me. He led me over to the back window of this 52 seater Coach which was full of the 'Boys in Blue'queing along the aisle to get their thirsty mits on me wares, I thought they was gonna clean me out on their own. Back to 20 pence now their thirst was quenched. Me done then, I decided to head back to Penge after fighting me way back to me van, for another loadup. At that point I wished I'd had a Transit. Back in Penge, Jeanies no slouch, Top Grafter, she also sold out. Last time I see Jeanie was in Altea in Spain about 20 years later, still 'Graftin'knocking out Classy Womens clobber from a tasty little shop in the middle of Town, and she was pushing 60.
Jeanies audience had all about finished in Penge, when I left, mine were in full swing and I wanted to get back in the middle of it ready for the evening spillover. All Jean had left was boxes of apples, not as exciting as a Peach or Nectarine.A bit deflated, unperturbed I preceeded to transfer the Red Apples, after a polish to the Peach trays, in the hope to attract customers via misdirection. Seeing as selling is a numbers game, I hoped that the logic and reasoning that my future customers would have for making a buying decision was the same as mine,and overcome the disappointment and have an apple anyway.
All Grafters went home with a smile on their faces and empty vans. Thats what you call Grafting.Top Banana

by Top Banana a True Grafter April 08, 2009
Top Definition
A big hard sweaty man, who wears no shirt, and has been doing a hard days work. i.e. working in the fields
Farmer Giles is a true grafter, he has been in the fields grafting all day. He has been moving hay bails with his bare hands, and moving trees. when he gets home he grafts in the kitchen and makes a ploughmans lunch, a true grafters meal!
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
First spliff/joint/Marijuana cigarette of the day. A double meaning - As grafter refering to the fact that to a heavy marijuana smoker, the first joint of the day is the only one that really works. As well as meaning after smoking the afformentioned first joint, between the smoker and the joint, the joint is the only thing thats going to work!
Man A "Come on Dave you lazy sod come and give us a hand". Dave "I cant the grafter got the better of me".
by Da Real JZ March 10, 2009
The art of grafting, or beign a grafter, is to put extreme effort into attracting or scoring with the opposite sex (or same sex for homosexuals). Usually performed by people of a desperate nature, in need of sexual activity, or just to flirt with the other sex.
Person 1: Did you see those half-naked pics Emily put on Facebook?

Person 2: Yeah, shes such a grafter!
by TopGrafter October 14, 2010
A Grafter is someone will try and pull every bird going. But will ultimately fail. Therefore he has worked hard but got nowhere.
He's a grafter, I'll give him that.

That guy is the ultimate grafter like Sincsy
by The one true grafter May 26, 2010
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