when all you have to do to make your family cry is sit, stand, and walk
i was sitting next to my classmates when the principal called my name, so i stood and walked over to him to get my diploma. the next thing i knew, my mom was bawling. thats graduation for ya.
by recentgraduate111 June 23, 2011
Is basically the word for free money pouring out of ever orphus of your body, that is if you play your cards right.
"Yeah, so tomorrow is graduation.."
"Oh really? Wow, here's $50."
by Hottia. May 19, 2009
1. A ceremony which celebrates your ability to sit in a small box for 12 years and not fall asleep too often.

2. A related ceremony which divides 4+ years of more advanced education and the crippling debt which follows.
"The only important thing about graduation is that you never have to see the people that pissed you off for the last 4 years ever again."
by MSX01 August 20, 2011
The exact definition of Graduation is catch 22. Just a giant clusterfuck of emotions in which you don't know whether to be happy or sad. Nervous, or excited. Ugh. Graduation sucks.
Example: "I cried so much at my graduation, I was scared to be leaving behind everything I'd ever known for 12 years of my life. But at the same time, excited to be starting something new and adventurous."
by Tazzykinz June 24, 2013
a fuktup ceremony or shit like this, that every hyschool student dreams of, but when their done with it, they hate themselves... ugly shit!
old ppl say that once u graduedet u become a grownup...
my sister is about 2 hate herself! haha. 2morro is her graduation...
by dee-dee June 08, 2005
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