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Kinda like maple syrup, the highest quality of bullshit possible. Bullshit that is so unbelievable it deserves the rating of grade A
"ref makes a terrible call that loses a game for a team"

Player ( Losing team ): This is some grade A Bullshit. I have never seen any ref make such a fucking bad call
#bullshit #bull #shit #wtf #what the fuck #i dont believe this bullshit
by Babalooba August 30, 2014
When you completely bullshit an assignment and totally get an A
"Dude, this is some grade-A bullshit you got there."
"I know, I did it all at 4 a.m."
#some #grade #a #bullshit #fuggit
by whatthefuckamisupposedtodo November 03, 2013
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